What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

If your car breaks down and you are unable to start it, you may consider trying to push it manually to where you want it to be, but this takes more than one strong adult and can be both difficult and hazardous. If the car has been involved in an accident, it may be too damaged to consider trying to start it up and drive it. But if the car needs to be moved for safety and practical reasons, for example to get it out of the way and into a place where it can be repaired, you may be faced with a predicament. The problem may feel even more difficult to solve if the car is in a confined space, limiting what equipment can be brought in and utilized to assist you.

Using Stringo To Move A Vehicle

A solution is to use a Stringo to move the vehicle. Stringo is the ideal tool for moving a car without starting it up. Designed and manufactured by engineers in Sweden with more than 20 years in the business, the Stringo has been developed as an effective and extremely efficient tool for moving vehicles. It is ideal to use when you need to move a car indoors without starting it up, for example to avoid the emission of harmful or unpleasant fumes, or to move a car that cannot or will not start, or should not be started up for safety or for efficiency reasons. Appearance wise, the Stringo is surprisingly small in size (different sizes are available depending on your requirements), boasts an efficient, compact and attractively red snappy design, and is remarkably powerful and extremely strong.

The Benefits of A Stringo

It takes only a few seconds to load the car onto the Stringo and it can be used on either the front or back wheels of the vehicle. It can be operated by just one person, using the ergonomically designed handle, and will smoothly lift and move the vehicle without touching the bodywork at all. It is perfect for use in a tight space because of its small turning radius – the turning radius of the Stringo is the length of the vehicle plus 50cm. In addition to the convenience of the Stringo, its dual safety system protects the operator and the vehicle, so the vehicle can be moved and parked in the desired space without any fuss or danger, no matter how broken or damaged it may be. Then you can concentrate on the important task of getting help and advice on how best to deal with the broken or damaged vehicle in question.