Starting a Car Business in Another Country

Starting a car business can be a very lucrative venture. Countries such as Malta are able to provide a wealth of opportunities and the current market is favourable for those who are hoping to enjoy sustainable success. However, there are still a number of logistical challenges to keep in mind. Let us look at a […]

The Laws Regarding Car Insurance

To drive a vehicle in public, you need car insurance; it provides financial and liability protection in case of injury or damage. The law in the UK for road users makes it a punishable offence to drive without insurance. Below, you will find the details on this law, the exceptions to it and the potential […]

Car insurance and travel

Travel car insurance protects you against certain perils that may ruin your trip and cause unexpected expenses. Typically, travel protection includes coverage for your rental vehicle against damages or loss due to collision, theft, vandalism, fire and bad weather conditions. What does travel car insurance cover? Travel car insurance offers security on many different levels. […]

What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

If your car breaks down and you are unable to start it, you may consider trying to push it manually to where you want it to be, but this takes more than one strong adult and can be both difficult and hazardous. If the car has been involved in an accident, it may be too […]