Car insurance and travel

Travel car insurance protects you against certain perils that may ruin your trip and cause unexpected expenses. Typically, travel protection includes coverage for your rental vehicle against damages or loss due to collision, theft, vandalism, fire and bad weather conditions.

What does travel car insurance cover?

Travel car insurance offers security on many different levels. Prepaid, non-refundable trip payments and deposits are refunded should your trip be cancelled or interrupted as a result of a covered reason in your policy. Typically, covered reasons include bad weather conditions, terrorist attacks, medical emergencies, financial default of the airline, cruise or tour operator and jury duty. Your insurer should be notified within 72 hours of the incident to ensure reimbursement.

Travel car insurance provides coverage against medical expenses and health issues. You get emergency medical transportation and 24/7 emergency medical assistance. You also get reimbursed for unexpected travel expenses, including lost or stolen baggage, baggage delay and accommodation due to missed connection flight. Also, in case your rental car is damaged or stolen, you get a refund. Depending on your insurance policy, terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

In which countries travel car insurance is required?

There are certain countries where travel protection can literally save your life. According to the 2013 World Health Organization’s report on global road safety, Dominican Republic is an extremely dangerous country for driving as most drivers are drunk, and traffic laws are completely disobeyed. India has reported 134,000 traffic deaths in 2010, Brazil 37, 594, and Russia 26,567. The main reason was poor driving skills and bad roads. Even more impressive is the fact that car insurance is absolutely required in the United States. In spite of its well-maintained road network, the country is ranked 6th in the list of reported road deaths with 30,800 deaths in 2012.

In conclusion, travel car insurance enables you to plan your trip with safety. Make sure to take all the necessary steps to avoid any loss or damage. In case of an unexpected incident, make sure to report it on time to your insurer or the reimbursement will lapse. Check out regularly for potential upgrades in your plan that could meet your travel needs. When travelling abroad, check your policy carefully to see if you are covered in the country of your destination. Finally, if you are a member of an auto club, check out if you are already covered for certain road emergencies.